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The AQUILA Consortium, composed of Thales and NATS, have been awarded the contract to provide Air Traffic Management services to MOD for 22 years after a bid lasting several years.  Frontis supplied Enterprise Architecture and Requirements Management services to this bid.  This involved creating the architecture using the MOOD Business Architect Tool and managing the requirements in IBM Rational DOORs.  Frontis also provided support to the production of the contract including several key schedules.

After the win, Frontis are still involved providing support for the mobilisation phase, carrying out Business Analysis to produce the business information systems architecture, and define the business processes and activities to be carried out by the new AQUILA staff.

Read more about AQUILA here: http://www.aquila-atms.com


Business Analysis

We have extensive experience in business analysis to support transformation and the delivery of new capability. This involves engagement with the business stakeholders to determine the functions, processes, activities and information exchange requirements. We can provide a proper understanding of your business, and the dependencies with the information systems, external organisations and other departments. This understanding is particularly important during transformation, including outsourcing preparation, so that you understand the full consequences and impacts of change.

Project Management

Provided the Technical project manager of this 5.5 Million Euro project consisting of eleven European companies. SEASPRITE produced the architecture and business processes for data exchange and integration of maritime systems across the member companies.
We were responsible for forming and managing the consortium, developing the work plan, submitting it for funding and negotiating the contract. During the operation of the project, we oversaw the allocation of resources, oversaw technical direction, performance of tasks and work packages, whilst ensuring that deliverables were produced in a timely manner. We was also responsible for presentation to client boards at progress meetings and on completion of deliverables.
SEASPRITE was completed to budget and on time, and was so successful, that we also provided the project manager for the follow-on which linked the integration architecture to companies in the USA and Korea.

Bid Support

We are experienced in all aspects of procurement, whether you require the development of a procurement strategy, PQQ and ITT, and management of the entire process, or whether you are responding to an ITT or taking part in a competitive dialogue process. We can work with you to produce a solution development approach which answers the requirement and produces a value for money tender.

Benefits Management

The impact on operational effectiveness and costs due to business or IT transformation can be tracked using benefits measurements. Frontis are able to engage with the business stakeholders to produce benefits models which can be used as part of the benefits realization plan to ensure that the intended benefits of any programme.

Frontis will produce a benefits strategy for agreement with the client to ensure that the benefits realization activity will be worthwhile, before embarking on the production of the benefits model and realization plan. Frontis can also provide the governance model to ensure that the benefits realization management plan is enacted properly.

Requirements Management

Frontis are able to offer Requirements Management support. This includes stakeholder engagement to produce user and business level requirements as well as technology knowledge to produce system and service level requirements.

Frontis are able to offer tool support including DOORs, MOOD, Mega and a number of other enterprise level tools.

Enterprise Architecture

We have extensive experience in the definition and implementation of architecture frameworks and architecture governance, as well as the creation of architectures. We can provide architects as well as the skills required for managing teams of architects (business, technical, service) ensuring the development of coherent architectures which fulfil the business requirement and answer the ‘so what?’ question. We have defined and implemented Architecture Strategy and lead architecture teams for a number clients including large transformation projects.

Our capabilities include:

  • Development of strategy and governance; analysis of the business, systems and strategic requirements; coordination of users, architects and analysts; production of architectures and risk models to support transformation and performance, cost, time optimisation.
  • Experience with many Frameworks such as, MODAF, TOGAF, NAF, DNDAF, DODAF, ITIL, CMMI and Zachman; and Methods such as UML, BPMN and SysML.
  • Experience of working with relevant Security and IA standards such as SABSA, HMG IS1, EISA, JSP 440 and ISO27001.
  • Experience with many EA and Systems Engineering Tools such as MooD, Mega, System Architect, Enterprise Architect.
  • Ensuring project adherence to relevant systems engineering standards and policies: for example ISO 15288, ISO/IEC 42010 (Systems Engineering).