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Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

Frontis have considerable experience in developing Enterprise Architecture Frameworks which are tailored for the requirements of the client. It is not desirable to use a Framework ‘out of the box’. An architecture is designed to solve a problem, and consequently needs to be created specifically for that job or adapted from one of the common frameworks. You should do this before you even install your EA tool. Many organisations have Enterprise Architectures which serve little or no purpose and do not represent a good return on the investment which has been put into them.

We can work with many of the popular EA Frameworks such as TOGAF, MODAF and NAF, and can configure EA tools including MooD, Mega, Enterprise Architect and Rhapsody.

A popular product are MDG Technology plugins for Sparx Enterprise Architect including Views and JavaScript created outputs to Word, Excel or HTML. We can create views which communicate to your stakeholders and hide the complexities of the native UML.

Frontis Archive Publishing System

Frontis™ Features

Frontis allows you to classify and publish transcribed and digitised sources which are then available for users to browse or search. Since you create a taxonomy of definitions for all your source types and the data contained with in them, Frontis is unique in being able to perform intelligent searches on the structured data sets allowing your users to retrieve the information which is relevant to them in a fast, efficient manner.

  • The Frontis system can be configured to match your own corporate image, integrating seamlessly with your existing web site or intranet;
  • No client software installation is required, all that your users and administrators need is an internet browser;
  • There is an easy Wizard style interface for importing electronic records;
  • Frontis™ can be hosted on both Unix/Linux and PC platforms allowing you to leverage your existing infrastructure.
  • You can classify your records by developing your own classification hierarchy;
  • Assign your own meta-data to records;
  • Search all records, including intelligent searching of structured datasets;
  • Browse records using the classification hierarchy.
  • Unlimited users can access Frontis because it is all web based.

Have confidence in the security of your electronic records.

  • Frontis™ allows records to be stored with a security classification, from Unclassified to Top Secret;
  • User access levels control which records they can see;
  • Unique user accounts with roles to control which functions the user can perform. For example Administrators, Records Managers, Records Officers, Reviewers and Users;
  • Passwords are stored using powerful 128 bit encryption;
  • No user names are displayed, only screen names;
  • Session identification and timeout;
  • Full backup to prevent you from losing your archives.
Records Management

Store a wide range of record types.

  • Frontis represents records by any number or combination of documents, images, multimedia and structured datasets.
  • Photographs can be stored and browsed by thumbnails.
  • Import structured datasets from databases or spreadsheets to allow intelligent searching of transcribed records:
    • classify fields – for example: date of birth, location, surname, regiment;
    • define field types – date, text, number;
    • intelligent searching will automatically search the correct data for matches based on the field classification.

Take a look at Frontis™, ask for a demonstration or ask for a FREE evaluation site for your own archives.

Have a look at the Quick Start Guide to using Frontis

or Download the pdf from

Download the user manual for a more in depth look at the functionality of the system dataicon